Senin, 09 Juni 2014

Nama         : Deni Prasetyo
NPM           : 19210015
Kelas         : 4EA21

My story of my daily activities of these. Every day, I usually get up early at 4:50 am, then I shower and morning prayer. After that I wore work uniforms and breakfast. I went to work at 6:00 I usually go to work by motorcycle. I arrived at my office at 07:20, arriving at the office I usually chat with friends. I work in Cawang, East Jakarta. My job started from 8:00 pm. And then I break at 12.00 pm I went to pray the midday and lunch, finished at 01.00 pm I go back to work. Then at 3:40 pm I went to pray 'Asr, I finish work at 05.00 pm and then I went into university. I arrived at my college campus before 6:30 Maghrib prayers first. I was at the University Campus Gunadarma, Bekasi. After I finished college soon come home. Arriving home I had dinner and rest. This is the story of my daily activities

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