Jumat, 25 Maret 2011


Desert night

My tonight feels solitude
At deep my subconsciousness
I always think up her
And just her

One figure of woman who can understand me
One that always knows my wish
One that always accompanies me
When pleasing and when distress

When is she is upcoming
And hugs me tautly
I will wait you
At deep tonight stillness

At desert place it
Wind blows lickety split
One will my soul fly

Getting through cloud
And I even get hallucination
There is one figure of pretty woman
Coming draws near me

Then that woman says
“if I woman that your sought for,
What do you will give to me?”
Then I even answer

“I will give everything for you,
And I will give devout love to you ”
That woman just smiling nice sees me
And gets lost to stand up with that high wind

I kept faith
If that woman coming finds me
I will look after it until I disappear from this earth

Created : Deni Prasetyo

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