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Roro Jonggrang

Once upon a time in ancient times, a very large empire Stood Called Prambanan. People Prambanan very peaceful and Prosperous under the leadership of king named King Baka. Small Kingdoms in the region around Prambanan Also very submissive and respect the leadership of King Baka. Meanwhile, in another place, 'there is a kingdom That Is not less great as the kingdom of Prambanan, the kingdom Pengging. Kingdom are known to be very arrogant and always wanted to expand its power. Pengging Kingdom have a powerful warrior named Bondowoso. He has a magic weapon Called Bandung, so Bondowoso known as Bondowoso. Besides having a powerful weapon, Bondowoso Also have armies of Jin. The army Used to help Bondowoso to attack another kingdom and fulfill all desires. Up to one point, the arrogant king summoned Pengging Bondowoso. King Pengging Bondowoso were the resource persons then ordered to attack the kingdom of Prambanan. The next day Bondowoso Called his hosts in the form of Jin to come together, and Immediately Went to the Kingdom of Prambanan.
Arriving at Prambanan, Immediately They burst into the palace of Prambanan. Baka King and his scrambling Troops, Because They are less preparation. Bondowoso finally managed to occupy the kingdom of Prambanan, and King Baka Died of exposure Bondowoso weapons. "

 Bondowoso victory and his Troops welcomed by King Pengging. Then King Pengging Also mandates Bondowoso to occupy the Palace of Prambanan and take care of everything in it, Including the family of King Baka.

 At the time Bondowoso live in Prambanan Palace, he saw a woman Who is very beautiful. The woman is Roro Jonggrang, daughter of King Baka. When viewing Roro Jonggrang, began to fall in love Bondowoso. With no thought longer, direct Bondowoso Jonggrang Roro call and apply.

 "O Roro Jonggrang, would be permaisuriku if thee?", Tanya Bondowoso in Roro Jonggrang.

Hearing the question of these Bondowoso, Roro Jonggrang just paused and looked puzzled. Actually he hates Bondowoso, having killed his father, whom she loved. But on the other hand, Roro Jonggrang Afraid Bondowoso reject an application. Finally, after thinking for a moment, Roro Jonggrang Also find a way to make Bondowoso not consummate the marriage.

 "Okay, I accept lamaranmu. But after you meet one condition from me", said Roro Jonggrang.

"Is it Roro syaratmu Jonggrang?", Tanya Bandawasa Bandung.

"Make me a thousand Temples and two wells in one night", said Roro Jonggrang.

Such hearings as requested Jonggrang Roro, Bondowoso was Immediately Agreed. He feels That is a condition into the which is very easy for him, Because it has armies of Jin Bondowoso very much. In the evening, Bandung Bandawasa began collecting his hosts. In an instant, the armies of these comes in the form of Jin. Having Heard the command of Bondowoso, the army was Immediately build Temples and wells very Quickly. Roro Jonggrang WHO witnessed the construction of the temple began to get nervous and frightened, Because in two-thirds of the night, only three temples and a well They are not finished. Roro Jonggrang then thinking hard, looking for Ways to Bondowoso cans not meet its requirements.

 After thinking hard, Roro Jonggrang finally found a way out. He will from the make the atmosphere be like in the morning, so That the Genie is to stop the manufacture of the temple.

 Roro Jonggrang Immediately summoned all the lady's maid in the palace. Lady's maid is given the task of Roro Jonggrang to burn straw, now the mortar, and sprinkle That smells Fragrant flower scent.

 Having Heard the command from Roro Jonggrang, lady's maid soon burn straw. Soon the sky was reddish pink, and the mortar Begins to sound. The smell of Fragrant Flowers That spreads began to smell, and the Chickens began to crow.

 Seeing red sky, the sound of mortar, and the smell of Fragrant flowers, the army Bondowoso started going to leave her job. They thought it was already morning, and They Had to go.

 Seeing his hosts go, Bondowoso shouted: "Hi balatentaraku, early days yet. Return to complete construction of this temple!"

 The Genie is still going, and not ignoring shouts Bondowoso. Bondowoso felt very upset, and finally completed the construction of the temple are left. But unfortunately, not yet completed the construction of Temples, morning has come. Also Bondowoso failed to qualify from Roro Jonggrang.

 Knowing failure Bondowoso, Roro Jonggrang then approached Bondowoso. "You failed to qualify from me, Bondowoso," said Roro Jonggrang.

 Hearing these words Jonggrang Roro, Bondowoso very angry. With a very loud tone, Bondowoso said: "You're cheating Roro Jonggrang. You are the fact That thwart the development of a thousand temple. Therefore, I curse thee into the statue in the temple That Is That the thousandth!"

 Thanks to the magic Bondowoso, Roro Jonggrang turned into a statue / sculpture. Being Statues cans are up to now be seen in the Prambanan complex, and the name of the temple is the temple known as Roro Jonggrang. While the Temples are located in the vicinity Called Sewu Temple or Temple of the Thousand.

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