Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Theory kalimat Aktif dan Pasif

1. Active Sentences
Active sentences are sentences where the subjects perform an act or activity. Active sentences are usually preceded by the prefix me-or air-divided into two kinds:
a. Transitive active sentence is the sentence that has the object of the patient
- Dad to buy meat
- Kadir seduce the village girls
- Bang Jajang met Jane
b. Intransitive active sentences are sentences that do not have the object patient
- sister cry
- Omar fight
- Since ancient times Junaidi thoughtful in his hideout in Batu Malang

2. Passive Sentences
Passive sentence is the sentence that the subject be subject to an act or activity. Passive sentence is usually preceded by the prefix in-or-tar
- Village Chief of accountability held by Mr. Head
- Chicken beaten Cats
- black orchid that trampled the lay

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