Rabu, 30 Maret 2011


Magic Flute

In ancient times there is a small, very beautiful weekend is situated at the foot of the hill. Week in recognizable Hamelyn. Residents in the week living with a secure peace, but they do not  attitude toward cleanliness. Week is full of leavings. They throw trash on the evenly-week average lead into the breeding mice. Every day more and more rats multiply causing the dipebuhi week by rats.

Rats roam the number diakhir hari. Each house of the rats to move freely without any feeling of fear of humans. Residents in this week trying to defend rats and cats to banish any of them setting a trap but did not impress too many because rats. They're really hard heart and mind how to eliminate the dead rats.

The calamities that befall week has spread widely to other weeks sehingga one day a young man who did not recognize came into the week and offers serius to dispel all the rats with the weekend population requirement to pay wages above levels of two pieces wang mas everyone. Residents in the week talking among themselves over the young man's offer. There diantara they do not agree by karena they can not afford to pay wages that are very expensive. After talking at length they finally agreed to pay wages as required by the young man karena they have no other choice.

The decision was declared to the young man, then he pulled out a magic flute and blow. The sound that comes out of the flute was very melodious  who heard it. The rats that were dimerata place within the first week out and gathered around him. The young man walked slowly while blowing the magic flute and into a river far from the weekend. If until the edge of the river continues to enter the young man and followed by all mouses.mouse-rat is not able to swim in the river and all of them suffocated.

Now Hamelyn week has been freer than the attack of rats and people cheered with joy. When the young man demanded his promise, the population is reluctant to pay the wages that were promised they regard kerana work created by the young man was not commensurate with the requested wage simply by blowing the flute because sake only. Youth was very angry and he menuipkan flute magic once again. Rhythm that comes out of the flute was very enticing a child causing all children gathered around him. Now when all the children gathered the young man walked and blew the flute and attended by all children. The young man carrying a child out of the week Hamelyn. After Mother Father realize  call themselves will lose their children, they begin to feel anxious because childhood had left them and followed the young man. They chase the young man and seduce in order to stop rather than blowing the flute and repatriate their children. They see themselves able to give all property provided that the boy has  no return of their children.

Residents do not diendahkan seduction by the young man and then they bring a child is headed somewhere and when they got there appeared a sudden cave. Youth had into the cave and followed by a child. When everything suddenly entered the cave and lost than sight unseen population of the week. They can not do anything by because they had to disown promises they make. They see themselves regret over their actions but it was too late. Regret regret income first and then is useless.

So today people do not forget the slip Hamelyn week which passed so by their ancestors. Fulfill a promise is a strong grip diamalkan by residents Hamelyn week so today.

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