Jumat, 25 Maret 2011


First appointment

    On first moment enteringing to campus,I and my friend come earliest. I and my friend was late two weeks come in to campus,since information of woolly campus.

   While brazed by I confusion on confusion once,since no one person even that I know, I take for, i am false braze, but while I ask to aught someone be brazed,apparently brazes it correctness brazes that I look for,at here my class, at 1EA18's class.

    One days have I trip my college,there are many lecturer already give task and group. I perceive am at a loss and not tofu want to have done what...
That time I ask to that tutorial lecturer,I have turned in at group nine,and its group member available six person.

   Upon work group task,correct it saturday at gunadarma's campus,floor six. I commanded by group chairman, that I come to help work that group task.

   Upon I get in at campus, I confusion on confusion, since I don't know my group member who only. I directly contact my group chairman,and I am commanded to wait because at its house region downpour.

    About twenty minute I wait, finally my friend have come. We directly wend floor six to work group tasks. But my friend that kehujanan cloth and its pants nabs.

   Either one my friend says that I loan my slipover for at vesture by one of woman. Then I even loan my slipover conveniently. After work group task,we get ready to homewards, but my slipover at borrow by that woman and am brought home. I even loan it conveniently.

    Upon that woman monday says that my slipover stills washed and was dry. But there is that says that that woman favor with perfume that I put on at my slipover.

   Effect of that slipover,I start close to that woman, I even beginning fond with that woman,and that woman fond beginning also to me. But that woman have had boyfriend. 

   Tetapa a one month then anita it hangs up with its girlfriend. At my that time and that woman am brave say our endearment. And even our eventual dates heretofore.

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