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Noah's Ark

In Abrahamic religions, Noah's Ark is a ship that was built on the orders of God to save Noah, his family, his people, who believe, and a collection of animals that exist around the world from the flood. This story is contained in the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament and the Koran.

Some adherents of Orthodox Jews and Christians based on the Old Testament and the Muslims based on the Quran to believe that this story actually occurred. But some Orthodox Jewish and Christian pemeluak based on the documentary hypothesis, stating that the story told in Genesis, this may consist of a number of independent sources that half, and the drafting process which lasted for several centuries to help explain the chaos and repetition that appears in the text. Even so, most Orthodox Jews and Christian faith who believe in this story states that chaos can be explained rationally.

Sumerian myths also tell the story like this. Unlike the Abrahamic religions, a character in the story of an unnamed Sumerian Noah but Ziusudra. Sumerian story tells how Ziusudra warned by the gods to build a ship to save themselves from the flood that will destroy mankind. Not only in the Abrahamic religions and the Sumerians, hapir story have been found in many cultures around the world. Indeed, the story of this flood is one of the most common folklore all over the world.

The story's Ark has been described at length in the various Abrahamic religions, which blend theoretical solutions to practical problems such as Noah how to dispose of animal filth, or with allegorical interpretations that invite people to the path of salvation by obeying the command God.

At the beginning of the 18th century, the development of geology and biogeography as a science has made few natural historians felt able to justify a literal interpretation of this Ark story. However, experts continue to examine the books of the mountain where the vessel is docked. However, the Bible states that the ship was anchored in the northeast region of Turkey and the Qur'an argues that the ship had landed on Mount Judi

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