Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Artichel Kalimat Aktif And Pasif

Made of money Create Money

As nighted as respite my of write and see progran television about rotation one young man named Alexander Bell's Graham . Bell have just mempatenkan its telephone, and its effort gets louder because requisition will its new find huge. 

Since needs greater firmon she 's that year goes to one giant firm, Western Union , and ask to them if they want to buy its patent right and its firm little one

To the whole lot that she asks for US$100.000. Western Union's president jeers and despise it , by saying that that price a lot of fun. Hereafter is history. Industry millions dollars, and AT & t comes into the world.

Afternoon news begins exactly Alexander's story afters Bell Selesa's Graham i. In that news available reporting about permpingan at one local firm. Employs angers and complaining that wrongful corporate ownership. A manager gets vicinity age 45 deposed year take in wife and two its babies to plant wide and besoughting on keeper to concede her speaking on corporate owner.

She wants to ask if they want to think over its dismissal. She has bought house and home loss fear that. Camera focussedding to its application that all the world sees.  Not necessarily been hesitated, that thing noises about me.

I have taught professional ala since 1984. That constitute extraordinary experience and of value. But it constitutes difficult profession, since I have taught thousands person, and I see a thing that generically deep self we all,indended myself. We all have potency that admirably, and we all at bless by awardBut one thing that bates we all in once a dubiety zoom self. 

Are not because over its reducing technical information that bates us , but more because reducing it self-confidence. Some people more effected than another.

Information :

A : active sentence
P : passive sentence

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